The event as the name suggests, is intended to take place annually. It is a training program that targets all university and college students and any other youth in the same scope. Our aim is to train these young people as they advance towards adulthood on life skills and national issues to produce polished, sharp and development driven individuals. We similarly aim to promote regional integration as participants will be from different parts of the world. These Conferences are independently thematic and focus on current issues.
A nation’s level of growth whether economically, socially or politically is dependent on the capability of its population, especially on its youthful population. The youth accounts to 40% of the World’s population which growth is dependent. Therefore, a country’s investment on ways of assisting the youth, developing their life skills, providing quality education and equitable employment opportunities is crucial.

All through students in universities and colleges get to discover their identity and pursue their careers. Challenges are experienced during this stage of self-discovery; including peer pressure, poor decision making and immorality. With the ballooning rate of moral degeneracy, most organizations have resorted to addressing these by training students and other young people so as to curb corruption and other challenges. However, with these efforts there still remains a problem which undermines social cohesion and political stability of the nation at large.
This is where The Annual Conferences come in to address these challenges in the society by involving the University and college students and any other youth the same scope for a one  week program of extensive learning and interaction.