The student leadership training, otherwise referred to as “inhouse training,” is designed to train new student leaders as they are inducted into office – just after elections. The Centre recognizes that often times student leaders get into office hoping to antagonize the administration and solve all the problems affecting comrades as students prefer to call themselves.
This is a 2-day extensive training opportunity for the new student leadership to learn and acclimatize to the values and expectations of the Student Council to reach maximum efficiency as they represent the welfare of the rest of the student body while at the same time upholding the aspirations and traditions of your institution.

The training creates a learning environment that is invigorating, interactive and thought provoking where student leaders are able to challenge and motivate one another, share ideas and forge professional bonds that last a lifetime.

Leadership training is an important part of any organization’s development. All of us commonly hear that leaders are not born but are made. But how are leaders “made” i.e., how is leadership developed? In reality, the leadership crisis facing our institutions today is not the absence of leaders but the presence of too many self proclaimed leaders who have difficulty working together with others. Our priority is thus to hone and nurture the students’ leadership skills.

Learning objectives: The Students Leadership Development Program provides students with strategies to handle the formidable
challenges associated with leadership roles. They gain a better understanding of their own approaches to leadership and acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain their potential. Among others, this training focuses on:

  • Leadership in Action
  • Conflict Resolution and Management
  • Balancing Leadership and Academics
  • Ethical Leadership and Role Modeling
  • Leadership Expression
  • Health Education, Drug and Substance Abuse