GSIC mentorship program is intended for the youth particularly, students in both Secondary schools, Universities and Colleges. This is categorized into School-Based and Open Mentorship Academies.


This program targets high school students. It has four levels in which the mentee is guided and mentored.

Bronze Level

This tier is the basic foundation. It involves high schools being visited by a mentor once a month for a period of 6 months to give students general talks on certain aspects of life. Students are guided on the importance of education, career, time management and other life skills that will help them become effective.

Silver Level

This is the second stage in the mentorship program. A career based mentor will be sent once a month to the school from January to August. Students will be exposed to their careers of interest by visiting various places of work. The main aim is to increase the students’ understanding of careers and professional life by providing information on skills they need to set and meet their career goals.

Gold Level

This is the third stage of the mentorship program that has been designed for students who have just finished high school in November and are waiting to join the University / College in the month of September the following year. In the interim, i.e. January – August, the Centre intends to link the ex-candidates with career based mentors. The mentees will be grouped based on the same career interests in a number between 5 to 10. The interaction will be at least an hour, once a month based on the Mentor’s Schedule.

Platinum Level

This is the highest level of the mentorship program. It is intended for University/College going students. The Mentee in this stage experiences a one-onone interaction with the Mentor. In the event where the excandidate is not in a position to join tertiary institution, GSIC will enroll them in a Special Entrepreneurship Program for a period of 4 months (October – December) and later release the participants to venture into their entrepreneurial journeys.


This is a mentorship program which targets secondary students during school holidays. The students will be mentored on a range of life essential topics for a period of up to one week. The topics to be covered will be tailored according to the theme.
We prefer to host our trainings in different parts of the nation and in different nations to experience change in environment, increase exposure and interaction with different cultures. Our main goal is to see young people develop psychologically, socially and intellectually in order to be more aware of their environment.