This program is categorized further into two.

  1. Regional/ National University Workshops
  2. First Years’ orientation

These workshops target Universities and sometimes Colleges. They are regionally based and thematic depending on the prevailing conditions and, or prevalent factors in those countries.
They seek to mobilize regional or country student leaders into identifying immediate societal challenges affecting students in order to come up with ways in which they, in their capacities as student leaders, can find solutions to them.

GSIC underscores the fact that challenges are better understood by residents within a locality. That there may be problems that institutions within a country or region face that others do not. This is why we go to the students in their own countries/ regions and address their specific local issues.

The First-Years Orientation is participants learn about the wide variety of student activities and services at their individual university or college. They also get an opportunity to ask questions as well as learn about campus culture and student life. The objective is to prepare them to fit into the new environment they have hitherto not been in. At the end of this training students will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of academic advisement and course selection.
  • Become familiar with the campus life and culture.
  • Feel confident and excited about their attainment of University and College admission.
  • Be familiar with faculty, staff, and the rest of the student body on campus.
  • Attain comprehensive information on the availability of campus resources.
  • Advance valuable leadership experience at the University and College level.